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April 13, 2017 3D print shoes

May be the history of the darkest “shoes black technology”! Adidas how big is this big trick?

Adidas recently released Futurecraft 4D, not only in the name to make you confused, 3D print shoes I have not bought, how come out of a 4D! The

Then release the graphic description and concept description, more people can not read. Adidas Chinese official website is pushed called “the name of the future” article, to officially declare this “shoes black technology” come, really some science fiction big feeling.
3D print shoes3D print shoes 3D print shoes 3D print shoes
“For the first time, light and oxygen into the shoe-making process, in the design and manufacture of the introduction of Carbon’s digital optical synthesis technology, so that Adidas for the first time into the athletes by the data-led running shoes design and manufacturing.” – “future name”
After reading all the official and unofficial introduction, all the information points associated, Xiao Bian was deeply shocked! This time, adidas to “black technology” on the big move, not only change the design and manufacture of shoes itself, change the way we buy shoes after the way shoes!

How long is the Futurecraft 4D? 4D in the end what does that mean? With the previous 3D print shoes technology What is the difference? What is the relationship with me? Then look down!

What is Carbon? Why is Carbon?
3D print shoes 3D print shoes
Futurecraft 4D is adidas and Silicon Valley technology innovation company Carbon 3D cooperation products, with the same BASF research and development Boost, adidas is still selected with the cooperation of high-tech giants, is undoubtedly a “shortcut”!

Carbon 3D (hereinafter referred to as Carbon) has been committed to the development of 3D printing technology, which is a “black technology” company! Their 3D printing technology, completely different from the other programs on the market.

Traditional 3D printing has been quite popular, you can see the relevant description and print out the product. But this traditional technology is actually 2D printing constantly superimposed, has been superimposed to a sufficient height to form 3D modeling.
3D print shoes 3D print shoes 3D print shoes
This principle will make the printing process is extremely slow, the time spent is the largest cost of industrial mass production!

Carbon has learned from the classic scenes of the science fiction film “Terminator 2”, and the T-1000 liquid robot has risen from the ground plane and has completed the process of morphological composition, making it the initial source of this idea.

Why can not the parts themselves “grow” out? This not only saves time, but also solve the continuous stack of 2D printing caused by mechanical properties defects, while the choice of materials is no longer cramped!

They use light and oxygen to control this process, which allows the resin to solidify into a solid, while oxygen suppresses the process. The combination of the two means, you can precisely control every detail.

There are very complex and fine parameters in the middle, such as oxygen content, light, light intensity, self-healing dose, viscosity, geometry, they use the same complex software to control this process.

The result is that this way of printing, 25 to 100 times faster than traditional 3D printing! And with the continuous improvement of technology, this ratio can be raised to 1000 times! Means that you can do real-time printing!

See here, you know why adidas choose cooperation with Carbon!

In the efficiency of subversive rolling, and in the mechanical performance is more perfect, so more suitable for mass production of sports shoes!

What is 4D? What is the difference with 3D printing?

With such Guards 3D printing black technology, adidas in the digital digital road and then further. Based on the running data collected over the past 17 years, sophisticated calculations are made to determine the details of this new soles.

What place should be what form, where should be what kind of thickness, to meet the mechanical properties at the same time, but also for the actual sports scene to optimize the 3D print with Digital dimension, it becomes a 4D!

Why is the future of 3D printing?

The future of high-end sports shoes market must belong to 3D print! Are because “personalized”, “custom” needs is really strong!

At present, the appearance of the custom shoes, should be spent before and after nearly 1 month time, and the details of the soles of the shoe body adjustment, it is the public can not imagine.

The future not only in the visual can have more personalized elements in the movement itself, but also according to your own physical custom production.

Foot type wide and thin, weight height, exercise habits, can become your exclusive shoes 3D print parameters, tailored for you, and this production process soon very quickly!

The key is that the cost is gradually decreasing.

When can I buy it?

In the 50 3D print shoes come to the fore, Futurecraft 4D will print from tens of thousands of hours down to tens of minutes, the current Futurecraft 4D soles of the print speed is 90 minutes, and this process will be shortened to 20 minutes in the short term!

Futurecraft 4D shoe design is still a continuation of the classic outline of Ultra Boost, the upper is Primeknit woven material, also through similar “print” way of production.

Futurecraft 4D’s first batch of products will be available at the end of this year, the first batch of goods in the 5000 or so, adidas is expected to 2018 years ago, mass production of 100,000 pairs! While the commercial price, has not yet announced.

This cool black technology shoes wearing feelings how exactly? Concerned about our Fashion Sneakers Online store,I believe you will soon be able to know!