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Fashion Sneakers is a B2C e-commerce website invested by YYMonlie LLC, created by YYMonlie LLC and founded in June 2013. Fashion Sneakers is a self-branded integrated retail shopping site. Was officially opened on January 16, 2014.
Satisfied and cost-effective:
Fashion Sneakers always stand in the customer’s point of view, with factory foundry size procurement advantages, to provide customers with low-cost high-quality goods. Constantly improve the service until the customer satisfaction.
Genuine guaranteed:
Fashion Sneakers products to self-oriented, joint factory foundry supply chain resources, by the major brand manufacturers direct supply, unified procurement, centralized warehousing, a fast delivery. And the development of self-transfer model, by the Fashion Sneakers for business operators to provide operational support, business self-distribution of goods; Fashion Sneakers also open platform to provide brand business settled, merchandise provided by the business, and distribution services. Fashion Sneakers with the appropriate norms and monitoring mechanisms to ensure that the sale of goods really genuine guarantee!
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Genuine guaranteed • Satisfactory and cost-effective